Hot Spring

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Extreme of Luxury "Gensen Kakenagashi"

A mysterious hot spring its color changes depending on the weather and temperature will spring out 260 liters per minute. Taking advantage of its abundant amount of hot water, our guests enjoy one of few hot springs of "Gensen Kakenagashi" (water comes directly from the hot spring source) in Hakone.In the Edo era, This hot spring was counted as one of 7 famous hot spring in Hakone. Please enjoy the famous hot springs in a large public bath or in private outdoor hot-spring. 
Please feel the unique hot spring power of fresh autogenous source at "Ashinoyu Hot Spring" which was first recognized as the People's Recreation Spa (by Japanese Goverment) under Kanagawa Prefecture.

Information on Hot Spring"Gensen Kakenagashi" (water comes directly from the hot spring source)
: We do not heat, water, circulate.?Bathroom
Large public bath for each gender / private bath 2? Bathing Time
Check in ~ 1:00 am / 5:00 am ~ 10:00 am

? Bathroom Fixtures
Body soap / shampoo / conditioner / make-up remover / cleansing gel / lotion / milky lot / shower cap / body towel / bath towel? Quality of Spring
Sulfur-containing - calcium, sodium, magnesium - sulfate
Bicarbonate salt spring (hydrogen sulfide type) (former spring name sodium containing sodium - gypsum hydrogen sulfide spring)
Weak alkaline hypotonic high spring

? Efficacy
Skin beauty effect · Neuralgia · Rheumatism · skin disease etc.